Personally I don't always agree with some Charities and the way they help the needy people. My view is that hands on help like showing war torn regions how to rebuild their lives, replant their seeds for crops or keep a good hygiene regime is the best method and it gives these long term sufferers their pride back. Thankfully most Charities do that.

I've been to quite a few Markets in Africa where food parcels that were intended to feed truly starving and needy people were being openly sold to the first buyer. This is just one example of corruption or maybe bad organisation.

Most people haven't got the time or will to go out to these out-of-the-way places and help out in person so giving towards the people that do, is a very worthy contribution. Those Charity workers do a bloody hard and dangerous job out there. So if you're feeling generous click a Charity that takes your fancy.


  • Comic Relief  
    Helps with British causes as well as African.
  • Action Aid  
    Helping the poor with food and also their human rights.
  • Amnesty International  
    Campaigning for Human Rights around the World.
  • CARE A humanitarian organization helping women fight global poverty.
  • Oxfam International Working against Injustice and Poverty around the World
  • Humana Helping the third world with clothing, environment farming etc.
  • Hospice Africa Helping Cancer Victims in Africa.
  • DAAT Supporting Education and Training in Africa.
  • East Africa Medical Assistance Foundation A volunteer charity to educate on medical and care issues in Africa.
  • AMREF A health charity to help alleviate health problems in Africa.
  • CAFOD Fighting Third World poverty.

Food and Nutrition


Wildlife and Environment

  • Tusk Trust Animal conservation in Africa focusing on Elephants.
  • Lewa Wildlife Conservancy Helping the dwindling rhino population in Africa.
  • African Wildlife Foundation For the conservation of all wildlife in Africa.
  • Endangered Wildlife Trust For the conservation of plant and animal species in Africa.
  • The Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International Helping conserve the mountain gorillas of Africa.
  • Earthwatch Educating people on the conservation of natural resources and cultural heritage.
  • Born Free Foundation An international wildlife charity to prevent cruelty and suffering to animals and to help save the endangered species of the World.
  • Frontier
    A conservation agency aiming to promote and advance field research into the conservation of natural resources.
  • WWF The worlds biggest wildlife conservation organisation.
  • CCF Aimed at helping cheetah conservation and care.


  • African Impact Africa's top on-the-ground facilitator of volunteer work Africa
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