Here are just a few of the good sites about Africa. If you come across any that are good please let me know and I can add it.

Backpacking and Travel

  • Lonely Planet
    The daddy of travel. This is a huge and informative site. Top site.
  • The Art of Travel
    More of an online book than a site but has loads of detailed information on travel.
  • World Travel Guide
    Big site focusing on general info on every country there is.
  • Out of Africa - Too - One Man's Journey
    This is a very thoughtful site about Africa and travel. Well written and quite different. A mzungu's look at life in East Africa through stories and pictures.
  • The Travelers Lounge
    Nice site. Has all the tips and tricks of travel as well as photos and travelogues. It's a growing site so only a few on Africa as yet.
  • Travel Notes
    Big travel directory providing country/state information, reviewed web sites, regular travel articles. Not brilliantly laid out but still very informative..




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