Namibia (Rowley - 1991)

Namibia MapI was only in Namibia for a few weeks, staying in Windhoek for most of the time. It would have been great to stay for longer and visit the Skeleton Coast but I really only Traveled through here as a means of getting to other parts of Africa.

the first step

Namibia was the first step in my travels. I had lived in South Africa for at least 9 months prior to this and considered it my home. I hitched a ride from Cape Town to Springbok in South Africa. Then on to Windhoek. The family I hitched a lift with were really hospitable and put me up for a few nights.

Desert I had planned to travel up through Etosha National Park (one of the biggest game reserves in Africa) and through Angola, but as the war was flourishing there I gave that idea up. I found Travel here very easy and hitched nearly everywhere. The language wasn't a problem either as nearly everyone spoke German, which is my second language.

Koreans and needles

JeepI managed to get a lift through the Caprivi Strip in North East Namibia with a Korean bloke, who to this day I'm convinced was involved in some sort of dodgy government dealings. He had some very unusual stuff in his jeep and said some odd things but he was a great bloke nonetheless. The journey took several days and also traveling in the jeep was his assistant and a fellow traveler; a really nice girl from Sweden called Ylva.


I would have loved to have spend more time here but as I got a great lift by jeep I had to hurry through Namibia.

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