Tanzania (Rowley - 1992)

Tanzania MapA massive country, this boasts loads of culture and things to see. I think there are something like 100 different tribes in Tanzania. I stayed here for two months and traveled by train and hitching. I had planned to visit the famous Serengeti National Park and the Ngorongoro Crater but sadly the tour guides were charging almost $100 a day for this so I had to see my game in Zimbabwe.

The trains are brilliant and date back to the old colonial days and are a great way of meeting locals or Travelers. I hitched across the border from Zambia to Mbeya in Tanzania then caught a train all the way to Dar Es Salaam.

Dar is rough

Dar Es SalaamI stayed in Dar Es Salaam for a few days but to be honest I found it quite typical as an African city and pretty rough. There were a few good clubs and markets to see but apart from that it was just a place to use stepping stone to other places.

Shaved heads and spices

ZanzibarFrom here I decided to visit that exotic Spice Island, Zanzibar. After a very rough boat trip to the island I wasn't disappointed. Stone Town, the capital, is a very unique and visual place of narrow cobbled streets, grand Arabic buildings, friendly locals and the smells of the spices just hit you from everywhere.

There are some lovely islands near Dar which can be visited by Dhow or Motor boat. Most evenings I got my dinners at the local bazaars where there was freshly grilled fish, meat or veggies and a fantastic atmosphere of locals and travelers.

In a moment of madness I decided to get my head shaved here as there were a lot of Lice around but immediately regretted it as soon as I walked out into the sun. It was merciless on my poor new bald head. 

paradise found

Zanzibar BeachI stayed on the East Coast for a week in a very isolated beach area where I slept in a hammock between palm trees and strolled along the white sandy beach for miles. I did loads of snorkeling here too as the water was crystal clear, the fish were stunningly colourful and I was the only one for miles around.


KilimanjaroDue to the cost I didn't even try the Kilimanjaro climb. In hindsight I suppose I should have but who knows I might go back one day and do it. I did however get to Moshi, a small town which is the starting point for the climb. The views were really spectacular.


Tanzania has got so much to see and do: Kilimanjaro, Ngorongoro Delta, Zanzibar, a huge diversity of tribal cultures etc....but to see the sight's it does cost an arm and a leg.



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